Visionary Entrepreneur

Any form of success in life must begin with a vision. A vision is the ability to see opportunities that others cannot see – it’s the ability to picture the end result with absolute clarity. Mark Cushway has, over the years, had the vision and commitment to create strong businesses across the leisure, hotel, restaurant, lifestyle and media sectors.

Bringing a vision to life requires the creation of a clear road map to a desired outcome and a dedication to detail in order to reach the various milestones along the way. Ultimately you are taking a huge risk when you decide to build any business. But, despite these risks, you have to continue to be utterly confident and fully focused on the end result but flexible in the approach. Mark Cushway has the ability to motivate and inspire others to share in his vision and ultimately participate in the success.

The ability to understand and recognise your own strengths and weaknesses is one of Mark Cushway’s key skills. He believes that just because the idea for a business has come from you it doesn’t mean that you’re the right person to bring every aspect of it to life. He talks a lot about how important it is to place employee engagement at the centre of any forward thinking business strategy, but his focus also shines a light on how critical it is to get your company culture right.

Visionary entrepreneurs are unique in that they are able to reinvent, refocus and be critical of themselves when it comes to making their vision a reality. By understanding these strengths and weaknesses you can assemble a well balanced team to bring that vision to life, making it far more realistic to achieve success.

Just because the idea for the business has come from you, it doesn’t mean that you’re the right person to bring every aspect of it to life