Testimonial – Martin Lynn

Martin Lynn

Martin Lynn

Mark and I go back to high school days where we shared the same passion for basketball and were both a key part of a successful team.

After high school our paths took us in different directions and we lost contact until I received a message saying Mark had cancer. I also had cancer (I’m still fighting now in fact).

This situation rekindled our friendship and we’ve become close again even though we live thousands of miles apart.

I have the upmost admiration for Mark, mainly due to his “fight” – whether it be fighting for his life or fighting to make his businesses more successful.

Mark has become an extremely successful business man yet it hasn’t changed him. He treated my family so kindly after my cancer treatment and has provided us with great holidays at his hotels in the UK and abroad.

On top of Mark’s generosity to me and my family he also regularly helps a cancer charity that I started in 2014. He has donated prizes such as holidays and bought all his staff one of my charity wristbands and sent me a wonderful photo with a huge office full of people proudly displaying them.

He’s a wonderful man and I’m proud to have him as a good friend. He is definitely a big positive that I will take from my cancer journey.