Is a Different Perspective the Key to Success?

April 9, 2019 4:21 pm

A view that’s different to your own can be tremendously valuable.  The value of perspective is that it helps you see things in ways that you might not have done before.

In business, owners and leaders can falter because their vision is too narrow. This is not down to a lack of imagination, but rather the demands of the everyday, and, sometimes, the struggle in keeping things moving.

What leadership coaching offers is a fresh viewpoint, a broader perspective, from which profound change can start to happen.


The Wood for the Trees

For many business owners and managers, they are too close to the action to be able to gain the necessary perspective to improve how they operate.


Being this immersed in the nuts and bolts of a business can make things seem polarised, where the starkness of success or failure is measured at ground level


Being bogged down in the detail can leave little room to develop or refine a vision of success.  This is where an outside perspective, informed by solid experience and business insight, can help.

A fresh viewpoint can provide clarity and help open doors through thinking in new ways.

Where does this lead?


Why Confidence is Crucial

The stress of running or leading a business can knock a person’s confidence. Sometimes a narrowing of focus represents a retreat from looking at the bigger picture, into the relative comfort of smaller, daily tasks.

Coaching has the power to help restore, or build confidence by providing an alternative vision to how the business is and where it might be going.

This confidence might come from uncovering qualities that have always been there, but submerged or suppressed. Or it might be about someone discovering fresh insights about themselves through the intervention of coaching.

Confidence is crucial because it enables change.


How Change Happens

Leadership coaching is not some vague, therapeutic practice. It brings tangible results arising from practical decision-making.

It is the catalyst for change, because it helps individuals see themselves and what’s around them more clearly.


Change, when it does happen, can be incremental, but impactful by being cumulative


It might be more about marginal gains than sparking a revolution. But this can make it the sort of long-term transformation that leaves a positive legacy upon which the business can build greater success.

What matters is that those driving this change develop the right mindset to make it happen.

What will widen your perspective?


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