Do Other People Give Your Leadership Meaning?

June 28, 2018 8:35 am

You may have a leadership title, a position, but it will mean little without the essential qualities to back it up.

However, leadership qualities will only work practically, if leaders can depend on the efforts of others.

This dependence is crucial. It is about recognising that true leadership is earned. To do this means inspiring and enabling others. It means letting go of your ego and putting the needs of others first.

Leadership is a Privilege

Being a leader is not a right. Even if you started the company and it’s your name on the masthead, it doesn’t mean you’re a leader.

You must inspire others, so that they buy in to your vision and work with you to achieve a common goal. To get the best out of people, you must show them how much you appreciate and acknowledge them.

This is going to involve more than a friendly pat on the back. It’s about creating a positive culture and putting your money where your mouth is.

In this sense, leadership is a continuum, penetrating deep into your business. For this to happen, you must clearly value and empower your employees.


Show Them You Value Them

What will make an employee feel they are playing a crucial role in your business?

If you give them the power to make certain decisions on their own, then they will recognise that you see something in them.

Furthermore, this makes good business sense. You cannot be an expert at everything and there will be people better qualified at certain things than you are. Let them take control and play to their own strengths.

Delegation is essential to good leadership, and to ensuring your business can grow. Delegate with meaning by giving control to others. Inspire them to show you what they can do for your business.

Build their confidence and their trust. Earn their respect and motivate them.

If your workforce is motivated and engaged, then it is more likely to be productive.

The Power of Familiarity

Putting your leadership focus firmly on others should also mean getting to know them properly.

Learn some personal details, their interests, families, hobbies. Be real with them. Leadership should not be remote, but approachable.

Being nice is not a weakness.

At the same time, you can build your natural authority through your credibility as a leader.

Let others act to give your leadership meaning.

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Mark Cushway is the CEO of the Inspired Group of companies and is passionate about employee welfare, engagement and motivation. Connect with Mark on Twitter and LinkedIn. This blog post is also available as a podcast on iTunes and Soundcloud.