Motivational Speaker

Like every entrepreneur, Mark Cushway has faced the struggles that come with starting up and developing fast growing businesses. However, the hardest struggle of them all was his battle with Leukaemia, which he faced while still at the head of a highly profitable global organisation.

This experience taught him an incredibly valuable lesson – the importance of health, family and living a life that you love. It was at this stage in his life that Mark Cushway decided to dedicate his time and take advantage of his position to work towards motivating people within his vast businesses in order to start the process of getting them to think about the direction that their lives are taking and to inspire change.

“I’m very passionate about helping individuals uncover their full potential and working with them to unlock that all important driving force that has helped me so much throughout my life. As a coach and motivator I have worked with many people, helping them achieve their true life goals and for those people that worked in one of my organisations that has sometimes meant that those goals have taken them outside of my organisation.

“This is all part of helping people grow and achieve that perfect desired state. When I speak to sports professionals I hone in on the science of winning and the power of the human mind and how that affects physical performance. It’s very rewarding watching someone achieve something they did not think they were capable of. This winning mentality is a key attribute woven in the DNA of all successful sports professionals”.

In his motivational talks, Mark Cushway describes the pillars of his success as hard work, persistence and bravery. He’s found innovative ways to open closed doors, seized opportunities that have fitted in with his vision and relentlessly worked towards every milestone. He now wants to demonstrate his methods in order to inspire more people to rethink the way they approach both life and business.

Over the years, Mark Cushway has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience in both his professional and personal life – from building successful companies worth millions, to battling Leukaemia, to raising two children. His inspiring, heartfelt and humble stories are a motivating reminder that anything is possible – and with the right mindset, dedication and passion you too can build a successful business and live a satisfying and fulfilled life.

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