Inspirational Leader

With over twenty five years of experience building successful businesses, Mark Cushway has employed hundreds of individuals, invested in numerous start-ups and has mentored many young entrepreneurs. In helping to shape the businesses of tomorrow, he has been at the forefront of developing innovative and creative sales techniques and tools, ultimately generating global sales of over $1billion.

He now regularly speaks at conferences and events advising and inspiring future entrepreneurs on how to build sustainable businesses that actually make a difference. Mark Cushway is very passionate about the importance of placing people at the heart of every business and firmly believes in encouraging leaders to understand that caring about the welfare of all employees is not a luxury – it’s a necessity.

His greatest passion is encouraging different businesses to work towards building strong employee incentive and wellbeing programmes and he frequently discusses the importance of understanding that the physical and mental welfare of a team is the key responsibility of every business leader and should firmly be a board level matter in every organisation.

With a proven track record across many business sectors, Mark Cushway has a developed a unique approach when working with business leaders to better understand how they can improve the overall standing of their organisations. He regularly imparts his experience of becoming a business leader at a very young age and is dedicated to creating mental and monetary happiness for all his employees through the process of understanding exactly what it is they want and need. Mark Cushway has now distilled all of this knowledge into specialised software that helps to connect the many layers of a business to ensure the power of collective engagement is harnessed to help drive the organisation forward.

All this experience has helped Mark Cushway to work with many organisations and business leaders to get a better understanding of their own leadership patterns and help them to establish how they can develop them to enable the better execution of their core business strategies. With the Inspired Group, Mark Cushway continues to inspire the leaders, employees and customers of tomorrow through his unique and forward thinking style of leadership.

I work hard to encourge leaders to understand that care over employees is not a luxury - it’s a necessity