How Crucial is Mental Strength for Business and Personal Success?

Various factors can contribute to making someone successful, but one thing that truly matters is having the mental strength to stay the course and see your ambitions through. However, as entrepreneur and leadership specialist, Mark Cushway points out, being mentally tough only comes with an understanding of yourself and how to cope with stressful situations. “There is…

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Is a Different Perspective the Key to Success?

A view that’s different to your own can be tremendously valuable.  The value of perspective is that it helps you see things in ways that you might not have done before. In business, owners and leaders can falter because their vision is too narrow. This is not down to a lack of imagination, but rather the…

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resilience leadership

Leadership: Could Resilience Be a Business Liability?

We know about fighting spirit, and coming back from adversity. We prize people’s ability to bounce back from disaster or whatever bruising encounter they have had. Resilience is an essential leadership quality, because in business, as in life, you will encounter difficulties and obstacles, and you won’t always overcome them. Coming back from not winning…

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leadership duty

What is the Place of Duty in Leadership?

Does doing your duty mean doggedly pursuing an aim even if the evidence around you, and the opinions of others, are telling you otherwise? Current affairs often centre on the issue of whether someone in a prominent position is doing their duty, or whether their interpretation of this duty is correct when it comes to…

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Is Brinkmanship the Key to Successful Negotiations?

How far should we push a negotiation to the brink to try and get the result we seek? In politics, brinkmanship can occur as a negotiating strategy, and historically, even where things have seemed to teeter on the brink of disaster, things have then been resolved. In the world of business, does it pay to…

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Why every business leader should adopt the mindset of a sportsman

Imagine the tips of your toes on the edge of the starting line, your knee slowly lunging towards it, your eyes running across the two chalk white lines ahead of you and your ears engulfed in the sounds of cheering crowds. Two people dressed in sports armour are on your right, and two more are…

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Why human performance should be a key indicator in business

Behind every successful business is an abundance of spreadsheets, graphs and wall displays using data to showcase how they’ve grown to that level — and where the business is forecasted to go. Most directors, managers and business school teacher’s call these figures ‘key performance indicators’ (or KPIs, as the lingo goes). Traditionally, many of these KPIs are…

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How to build a strong connection through every level of your business

Every business has a hierarchy of some form. There are the decision makers and the action takers — and tradition says that the two should have a tinted shield between them. However, in recent years, samples of this shield have been torn down for testing and rays of transparency have started to peer through. The results have…

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Do Other People Give Your Leadership Meaning?

You may have a leadership title, a position, but it will mean little without the essential qualities to back it up. However, leadership qualities will only work practically, if leaders can depend on the efforts of others. This dependence is crucial. It is about recognising that true leadership is earned. To do this means inspiring…

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cyber bullying

Are You at Risk from Cyber Bullying?

No one wants to be picked on. Being a victim of bullying is something we like to think we can leave behind us when we become adults. For a great many people, the internet is changing that. Cyber bullying is affecting many of us, and it is having an impact on businesses as well as…

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