Visionary Entrepreneur

Every business starts with an idea. Usually, this idea is related to solving a problem, but sometimes a business can be built on the vision of how the world could be better. Mark Cushway has built businesses based on both of these concepts and has been advising several tech businesses on how to do the same for years.

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Mark Cushway
A business is only as great as the people working in it, and it’s your job as a leader to look after those people

Why every business leader should adopt the mindset of a sportsman

Imagine the tips of your toes on the edge of the starting line, your knee slowly lunging towards it, your eyes running across the two chalk white lines ahead of you and your ears engulfed in the sounds of cheering crowds. Two people dressed in sports armour are on your right, and two more are…

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Press Release

Mark Cushway presenting leader of the year award at Lloyds Bank National Business Awards

Keys Business Concierge Leader of the Year award 2017

Alan Rubenstein, Chief Executive of Pension Protection Fund was named the winner of the Keys Business Concierge Leader of the Year at the 2017 Lloyds Bank National Business Awards gala dinner ceremony, held at the Grosvenor House Hotel on Park Lane on Tuesday night.

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Inspirational Leader

Armed with his vast knowledge on how to steer a business through both chaos and calm, Mark Cushway regularly speaks at conferences and events advising and inspiring entrepreneurs on how to build a sustainable company.

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Motivational Speaker

Mark Cushway regularly shares his experiences working with charities at conferences and events - shining a light on how crucial it is that we all put some of our time and energy back into people who really need support.

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With The Inspired Group, Mark Cushway continues to inspire the leaders, employees and customers of tomorrow through his unique and refreshing style of leadership.

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As a major shareholder in multiple businesses across the hospitality, leisure, and real-estate sectors, I have used over 30 years of experience to grow businesses worldwide through the development of exceptional products that benefit both individuals and organisations.